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Posted:  09 Jun 2011 04:23
Several years ago I bought some shares on the OTC market that were difficult to trade as there was little or no volume. After many promises of liquidation from the company I purchased them from I became very frustrated.

     About 8 months ago I went on Google and typed in the company name I dealt with and I came to a site "Global Investor Alerts" which had the company listed on their site and had several references to fraud.

      Foolishly I filled in a field to file a claim in the hope of a chance in recovering my investment. I also filled in a field or fields giving my trading activity and contact information.

      In no time I found myself paying thousands of dollars in legal fees and to date with no result or progress. Every time I call to see if any progress has been made I keep getting asked for more legal fees. Now that I refuse to give any more funds they stopped returning my calls.

Posted:  17 Jun 2011 18:10
Thank you for this info to warn investors not to deal with Global Investor Alerts.  I already reported them to authorities in the U.S., UK and Australia.
Ive already received reply from ASIC of Australia.

If you could also post their contact details here, documents, scheme etc.

DO NOT PAY!!! is a SCAM!!!

Posted:  15 Jul 2011 07:21
I almost become a fool to engage service from "Global Investor Alerts" to assist in recover fraud investment in Bridgestone Trading .

Thanks bjorn0001 info to warn me on these scam.

Posted:  01 Jan 2012 20:29 is a website designed ONLY to fraud the naive people who believe that they are helping them, but they are just picking up on the web chat forums some details and publishing it as their own...THEY ARE SCAM them self! please do not pay them any money for THEIR SERVICES because they will just still it from you! THEY ARE SCAM MAKERS them self! as the web site are taking "stories" from each other and fulling people around. SCAM.COM is registered in ROMANIA and presenting them self like they are from USA what is ONE BIG LIE! stay away from these people and do not believe NOTHING they publishing! both sites are ONE BIG SCAM!

Posted:  02 Jan 2012 10:31
Domain Name: SCAM.COM
Registrar: MONIKER

Registrant [1623868]:
        Vladimir Sviatoslavich:
        World Free Speech Alliance
        616 Majke Jovrosine

Posted:  16 Jan 2012 17:13
I am so glad I checked!!!  I lost a lot of money on a online trade HYIP and was looking for a recovery legal firm to assist me. I found I used their website to inquire of their services concerning my case...they were quick to respond, however the questions they asked seemed too detailed (i.e. bank account numbers, amount, dates, etc). I didn't feel comfortable so I checked THEM out...Please don't use these guys...scammers and crooks

Posted:  20 Dec 2012 10:14
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Posted:  05 Aug 2013 23:13
This is a list of organisations and/or websites that have been reported as scamming or conducting suspicious activities on the Internet :

Name                   GROUP
Amazon gold ventures   
Amazon Gold Ventures Limited    A
Boston Acquisition Group   
Brad Church   
Chartered Capital Management   
Citi Capital Partnership    A    A
Cornerstone Worldwide   
Economic Frauds, Inc.    A    A
Eldora gold resources   
Eldora gold resources    A
Endeavour Mergers   
Equities Trading Commission   
Financial Trading Board    A
Fisher Capital Management    B
Fraud Investigation Services    A
Green cell technology   
international Trading Board    A
Lakeshore Private Equity   
Le Mont Capital Partners   
Legacy Capital Management   
London Acquisition Group   
lyndonmureassociates    C
New England Private Equity   
Pacific Capital Management   
Paragon Capital Equity   
Premier Partners    
Pretium Ventures   
Private Trading Acquisitions    B   
Provideo Financial   
Robinson Franklin    A
Shaw capital    B
Solamon energy¬†   
spring capital   
Stanfield Moritz Associates   
Stanley Riebeck Corporation   
Stockbridge Partners   
Strathclyde capital    B
Summit Private Equity   
The Pinnacle Group    C
Trent consultants    B
Upper East Side Trust Management

The group letter A, B etc... are indicating that these entities were reported as belonging to the same group of possible fraudsters.

If anyone has been scammed by one of these orgnanisations please post any info. If we unite we will be able to fight the scammers.

If you have have been scammed and the address that was used was  PO BOX 4191 Fort Lauderdale 33338, please let me know and i will give you the name of a Police Detective who can assist to track the scammers down. DO NOT GIVE UP !